Meet Alexa on Portal

Portal comes with Alexa Built-in, so you can access tens of thousands of Alexa skills hands-free. Listen to your favorite music, check the news and sports scores, set timers and alarms, get traffic updates, order groceries or control your smart home. Just ask.

“Alexa, play my music.”
“Alexa, what’s on my to-do list?”

Your day just got easier

Use Alexa on Portal to help you manage your smart home and your life. Turn on lights from across the room, check your calendar to stay up to date, set timers to keep on schedule, get traffic updates so you’re never late, and create to-do lists to get more done.

“Alexa, will I need an umbrella today?”

Stay in the know

Alexa can answer questions about the weather, check on sports scores, the stock market and more - so you’re up to date on what’s happening in your world. Have a question? Just ask.

“Alexa, play Fluke on Spotify.”

Everything you’re into

Listen to your favorite Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio music, plus podcasts, audiobooks and more. Test your trivia skills, play games, find recipes or the closest coffee shop, and fall asleep to ambient sounds at the end of the day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The new products from Facebook work just like most other products with Alexa built-in. You can link your Amazon account through the setup experience or in product settings.

To get started, sign in with your Amazon account and ask Alexa a question. Try “Alexa, what’s the weather?”

Currently you can only link one Alexa account at a time on each device.

To talk to Alexa, just say her name and ask a question. When you say “Alexa” you’ll see a visual cue on your Portal device to indicate she can hear you.

Alexa only responds to the wake word “Alexa” on Portal. You can then use all of the available Alexa commands. “Hey Portal” is used to access Portal features, such as calling and answering.

For example:

Start a call by saying, “Hey Portal, call [contact name].“

Check the weather by saying, “Alexa, what’s the weather forecast?“

With Alexa built in, you can listen to music, see the news, check the weather, make lists, set timers, control your smart home and more – all you have to do is ask. Alexa is always getting smarter and we’re rolling out new features in subsequent software updates.

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A one-year limited consumer warranty is provided with Portal purchases.

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