A whole new way to share stories

Story Time starts with the magic of well-loved stories and brings them to life with music, animation, and AR effects. Don’t just read the story, be the story.

Bedtime stories from a land far away

Feel the bond of reading stories together, even if you can’t be in the same room. Animated characters and imaginative masks inspired by each story help keep everyone engaged.

As easy as opening a book

Activate Story Time at any time during a call, then read along with on-screen text and prompts. Story Time guides you through, step-by-step.

Long distance or side-by-side

You don't have to be on a call. You can also read Story Time stories while you're together in the same room. Share the AR magic of Story Time, even if you're sitting right next to each other.

The story continues

Portal comes with a library of stories built-in, with more free stories added regularly. When a new story becomes available you’ll see it appear within Story Time automatically.

Professor Right

Some people think they know everything. But what if they’re wearing the wrong AR glasses? Can you help the professor see things clearly?

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Once upon a time there was Itsy Bitsy Spider. One day, Story Time brought it to life with AR effects. And Itsy Bitsy Spider was never the same again.

Three Little Pigs

Learn the three wolf rules. Howl together while wearing an AR wolf mask. Watch leaves blow as you huff and puff. The Three Little Pigs have come a long way.

Five Little Monkeys

Ever told the story of Five Little Monkeys with curlers in your hair and a banana in your ear? Thanks to Story Time’s AR effects, now you can.

Cold Snap

Snap your fingers for magic! Become a snowman and snap to add arms, nose and a hat, and then help a little friend make a snow rabbit.

Trouble Bubble

It’s time for bed, not time to worry. The bubble fairy shows you how to blow your troubles into AR bubbles, and then let them float away.

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