How do I control the camera during a call on Portal?

During a call you can move and talk freely while Portal's Smart Camera and Smart Sound will adjust to keep you audible and in the frame, or manually adjust the zoom and focus of your camera using gestures on your Portal's touch screen.

To enter Manual Mode you can:

  • Use a pinch gesture to zoom in or out.
  • Use a drag gesture to change the area of focus.

To turn off Manual Mode:

  • On the bottom right corner of your Portal screen, tap .

To have your camera focus on one individual (Spotlight):

  • Tap the persons face in your self view.
  • When you see a yellow frame around their face, tap their face again.

To turn off Spotlight:

  • Double-tap the face of the person who is in Spotlight from your self view.

Note: If the person you're calling is also on a Portal device, you can adjust the focus of each other's cameras by using the same gestures in your self view.

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Last updated September 23, 2019
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