How do I use voice interactions with my Portal?

Voice interactions allow for hands-free control of your Portal. In order to enable Alexa on your Portal, one of the accounts linked to your device must sign into their Amazon account.

You can use Alexa to control things like:

  • Playing music through music services connected to your Amazon account.
  • Settings alarms or timers.
  • Shopping and creating to-do lists.
  • Some Alexa-supported features, like controlling smart-home devices.

You can use "Hey Portal" to control things like:

  • Calling.
  • Weather.
  • Time.
  • Brightness control.
  • Video control.
  • Using camera Effects.

Currently, “Hey Portal” is only available in English, and will be disabled if you select any language other than English as your preferred language on your Portal.

For example:

  • Set an alarm by saying, "Alexa, set an alarm.”
  • Start a video call by saying, "Hey Portal, call [contact name]" or "Hey Portal, call [Relationship Name]."
  • Hear the local weather, birthdays, events and news by saying, “Hey Portal, good morning.”


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Last updated September 18, 2019
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