How do I control how Portal handles my voice interactions?

Portal offers clear and simple settings to control your voice interactions. You can choose to turn off storage of your “Hey Portal” voice interactions in Portal Settings. Even if you turn off storage, you can still use “Hey Portal” but the feature may not work as well. When storage is turned off, we won’t keep recordings or transcripts of your voice interactions, which means you won't be able to view, hear or delete them. And we won’t use those voice interactions to improve our voice services and they won’t be reviewed by people. We’ll still log system activity, such as the timestamp for when a voice interaction was made and the general category of the voice interaction. For example, if you said, “Hey Portal, what’s the weather in Seattle?,” we would simply categorize your question as “get weather.” Any “Hey Portal” voice interactions made before you turned off storage will still be stored. You can easily view, hear and delete your “Hey Portal” voice interactions and transcriptions in Portal Settings or your Facebook Activity Log.

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Last updated September 18, 2019
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