How do I search recipes using SideChef on Portal?

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You can look up recipes and access cooking tips on Portal by downloading SideChef.

To download SideChef:

  1. From Home, tap Apps.
  2. Tap Add next to SideChef.

Voice Interactions

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can search for recipes using voice interactions like the ones listed below.

Learn more about how Portal uses your voice interactions.

“Hey Portal” availability varies. Learn more about “Hey Portal” availability.


  • “Hey Portal, search for recipes with chicken”
  • “Hey Portal, find me recipes that feature pork”
  • “Hey Portal, what can I make with chicken?”
  • “Hey Portal, can you show me recipes with spinach?”

Cuisine and Diet Type

  • “Hey Portal, show me Mediterranean recipes”
  • “Hey Portal, find me keto recipes”
  • “Hey Portal, what are some healthy recipes”
  • “Hey Portal, show me some recipes that are vegan”

Dish Type

  • “Hey Portal, show me lasagna recipes”
  • “Hey Portal, find me recipes for pasta”
  • “Hey Portal, how do I make mac and cheese?”

Meal Time

  • “Hey Portal, what should I eat for lunch?”
  • “Hey Portal, new breakfast recipes”
  • “Hey Portal, find me dinner recipes”

Navigate Search Results

  • “Hey Portal, next page”
  • “Hey Portal, next”
  • “Hey Portal, previous page”
  • “Hey Portal, scroll forward”
  • “Hey Portal, back”

Open Your Recipe

  • “Hey Portal, open the first one”
  • “Hey Portal, open the twelfth recipe”

Save Recipe

  • “Hey Portal, save this recipe”
  • “Hey Portal, save recipe”

Step By Step Cooking

  • “Hey Portal, start cooking!”
  • “Hey Portal, next step”

Exit Recipe

  • “Hey Portal, exit this recipe”
  • “Hey Portal, exit recipe”

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Last updated February 25, 2021
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