How do I order or pre-order a Portal?

This article applies to:Portal TV, Portal, Portal Mini, Portal+, Portal (Gen 1)

To order or pre-order a Portal from

  1. Go to
  2. Select a Portal. You may be asked to select the color you'd like for your Portal.
  3. Select Continue to Checkout.
  4. Add and confirm your address and select Continue to Payment.
  5. Add and confirm your billing information and select Place Order to complete your order.


  • If you’re ordering more than one Portal, you can ship each Portal to a different address within the same order. During Checkout, click next to Ship all items to the same address. Then you can enter a shipping address for each Portal you order.
  • If you have issues ordering a Portal, please contact Portal Support at for assistance.
  • If you are ordering a Portal TV, a high-speed HDMI cable is sold separately. You have the option to add a high-speed HDMI cable to your order during checkout for an additional fee.

Learn more about Portal, Portal Mini and Portal TV, now available to pre-order.

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Last updated October 1, 2019
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