What information is collected for “Hey Portal”?

When Portal hears the wake word, “Hey Portal,” it will start to record your voice interaction and create a computer-generated transcription of the recording. Like other voice assistants, when Portal is activated, it will also pick up other sounds in the immediate area beyond just the voice command - this may include ambient noise or nearby background conversations.

A voice command is something you ask Portal to do, such as “Hey Portal, call Mom” or “Hey Portal, what’s the weather today?” Ambient noise or background conversation is any conversation or noise that happens in the background when you say a voice command that gets picked up by Portal. And a “false wake” recording is when Portal mistakenly hears the wake word and starts to record. When Portal is recording, you’ll see a visual confirmation at the bottom of the screen. As Portal improves over time, it will get better at identifying and reducing the number of “false wakes,” so you can have a better “Hey Portal” experience.

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Last updated September 18, 2019
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