How does calling work on Portal?

With Portal, you can make and receive calls to and from your Facebook friends and Messenger connections.

You can make, receive and end calls using voice commands by saying things like:

  • “Hey Portal, call [contact name].”
  • "Hey Portal, call [relationship name]."
  • “Hey Portal, answer” while receiving a call.
  • “Hey Portal, hang up” during a call.

Currently, “Hey Portal” is only available in English, and will be disabled if you select any language other than English as your preferred language on your Portal.

You can also control calls directly on your Portal:

To make a call:

  1. From Home, tap to open the Contacts app.
  2. Tap the contact you'd like to call.
  3. Tap Call to start your call.

To answer a call:

  1. When receiving a call, tap Answer to join the call.

To end a call:

  1. During a call, tap your Portal screen to expose the call menu.
  2. Tap to end the call.

During a call you can do things like:


  • Currently, Portal calls can only be received on Portal devices or the Messenger app on mobile phones or tablets.
    • When calling Portal from the Messenger app, make sure you have the latest version of the Messenger app installed on your phone or tablet.
  • Portal can't call or be called from or, Messenger Kids accounts or the Messenger Lite app.
  • You can view your Portal's call history from the Contacts app under the Recent tab.

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Last updated September 24, 2019
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