What voice commands can I use with “Hey Portal”?

This article applies to:Portal TV, Portal (Gen 1), Portal Mini, Portal+, Portal

Say “Hey Portal” to get help with calling, music, timers, alarms, weather and more. See below for examples of commands you can use.

Currently, “Hey Portal” is only available in English (US/Canada), and will be disabled if you select any language other than English (US/Canada) as your preferred language on your Portal. “Hey Portal” also isn’t available when you set up your Portal with WhatsApp only or when a WhatsApp-only login exists on a shared device. Learn more about “Hey Portal” availability.


  • “Hey Portal, call [contact name].”
  • “Hey Portal, hang up.”
  • “Hey Portal, end call.”
  • “Hey Portal, answer.”
  • “Hey Portal, cancel.”


  • “Hey Portal, stop.”
  • “Hey Portal, play [artist name].”
  • “Hey Portal, play [music genre].”
  • “Hey Portal, play [song title].”
  • “Hey Portal, pause.”

To use Portal music commands, you must be logged into a streaming service and your command must be compatible with your subscription.

Device Controls

  • “Hey Portal, wake up.”
  • “Hey Portal, turn up the volume.”
  • “Hey Portal, show Superframe.”
  • “Hey Portal, open web browser.”

These commands will put your Portal in “sleep” mode.

  • “Hey Portal, go to sleep.”
  • “Hey Portal, turn off.”
  • “Hey Portal, off.”
  • “Hey Portal, sleep.”
  • “Hey Portal, shut down.”


  • “Hey Portal, set a timer for [date and time].”
  • “Hey Portal, stop timer.”
  • “Hey Portal, cancel timer.”
  • “Hey Portal, how much time is left on the timer?”


  • “Hey Portal, set an alarm for [date and time].”
  • “Hey Portal, stop.”
  • “Hey Portal, wake me up at [time and date].”
  • “Hey Portal, cancel alarm.”
  • “Hey Portal, turn off alarm.”
  • “Hey Portal, stop the alarm.”


  • “Hey Portal, what’s the weather?” Note that Portal will set your city automatically. If the location isn’t right, learn how to change the weather location on Portal.
  • “Hey Portal, is it raining?”
  • “Hey Portal, what’s the weather like in [location]?”
  • “Hey Portal, will it be sunny tomorrow?”
  • “Hey Portal, what will the weather be like at [time]?”

Learn more about using voice interactions with Portal.

Due to a higher than normal volume of contacts, our support options may be limited. We appreciate your patience during this time.

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Last updated May 29, 2020
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