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On October 15, 2019, we're updating the Supplemental Portal Data Policy to be clearer about how we collect, use, and share information. You can find a preview of the updated Data Policy here.

Supplemental Portal Data Policy

Portal (and other Portal-branded devices, together, “Portal”) is a device that helps you connect with family and friends, share content and experiences with the people you care about, and discover photos, music, videos, and other content. The Facebook Data Policy (available at describes the information we process to support Facebook Products (as defined in the Facebook Data Policy and available at, like Portal, Facebook and Messenger. In addition, this Supplemental Portal Data Policy supplements the Facebook Data Policy by explaining additional information we collect, use, and share through your use on Portal.

What kinds of information do we collect?

  • Portal device information. We collect information from and about Portal similar to information we collect from other devices as described in the Facebook Data Policy and further explained below.

    • Camera and audio information.

      • When Portal's camera and microphone are on, which you can control, we collect camera and audio information. When using Portal's camera and microphone to make a call, we collect the same camera and audio information that is collected from other Messenger-enabled devices during calls. This information can include volume level, number of bytes received, or frame resolution. Facebook does not listen to, view or keep the contents of your Portal video calls.

      • When Portal's microphone is enabled, Portal listens for a wake word (e.g. “Hey Portal”), but does not send audio information to Facebook unless Portal detects a wake word. Once a wake word is detected, the wake word and subsequent audio information like voice queries and commands (which may include ambient noise or background conversations) will be sent to Facebook.

      • As part of the general operation of Portal, when the camera and microphone are on, Portal collects, on the device only, information such as how many people are in view of the camera and where they are in relation to the camera and microphone. Other than automatic crash logs described below, this information is not sent to Facebook without your consent, for example by filing a bug report.

    • Environmental Data: We collect environmental data from and about Portal including using device sensors to help regulate the device to detect device temperature or help control screen brightness.

    • Device Performance and Reliability: We collect information about Portal's performance and device attributes, including crash reports, system settings, and third-party application, service or integration usage. Similar to other devices, when Portal experiences a crash, a log about the crash is sent to Facebook that may randomly include small fragments of information from camera and microphone at the time of the crash. These crash logs are only retained and used to diagnose problems with Portal devices or Messenger.

How do we use this information?

  • Detecting engagement to deliver Portal services. We use the information Portal collects to develop and deliver a seamless experience so that Portal can automatically determine interaction with it. This empowers Portal to do things like wake automatically after it detects movement by its camera or through its microphone detects a wake command and fulfill voice commands and queries. If enabled by you, Portal can also detect you're nearby by comparing your phone's location to Portal's location.

How is this information shared?

  • Owners with whom you share your Portal. If an Owner (as defined in Portal's Supplemental Terms of Service) chooses to add one or more Owners to a Portal, each Owner may be able to access and delete certain information (for instance, audio recordings or transcripts of voice queries), even if that information is from another Owner or others who have access to the Portal. If an Owner is removed from a Portal or deletes their Facebook account, information associated with that Owner may still be accessible to others who have access to Portal, including access to a third-party app or integration connected by that Owner.

  • People who have physical access to your Portal. You should consider who has physical access to your Portal because people with physical access to your Portal can access certain information, like the contacts of Owners, their availability, and photos or videos shared to Portal. Additionally, people with access to your Portal can make audio or video calls to any contacts.

  • Third-party apps and integrations on or using Portal. When you use a third-party app or integration on or using Portal, we may share certain information with that third-party app or integration so that it can activate, deliver, personalize and be improved. This may include information such as your Portal's device identifier or the content of any voice queries made on your Portal that is related to the third-party app or integration. Information collected by a third-party app or integration you choose to use or enable is subject to its terms and policies, not Facebook and its products.

Date of Last Revision: November 5, 2018

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